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Andrew Luster's Life
The following biography was written in outline form,
and sent in to us in an email by Elizabeth Luster, Andrew's Mother.

Biography of Andrew Stuart Luster:

Born in L.A. 12/15/63; lived early years in Las Vegas Nev. and Malibu, CA.; sister born 25 months later; remained in Malibu throughout childhood attending preschools in area, Montessori school in Santa Monica and public schools through junior high school in Malibu; participated in Cub Scouts, Little League (was a sought-after catcher), karate, all school athletics, learned to surf in early teens and continued to improve in all athletic endevors (skiing, snowboarding, mountain and rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, etc.) throughout youth and early adulthood;

Never in any trouble at school or after-school activities; had friends and playmates in neighborhood and from school; never any problems with parents or other children thoughout childhood and youth; took an active and continual interest in ocean & surf fishing; spent many hours each week on the fishing pier and on fishing boats thoughout teen years; attended Windward School, a small, private school in Santa Monica and graduated at 17 with a B+ average;

Moved to Santa Barbara in a small apartment to attend Santa Barbara City College for four years, taking courses he found interesting and without earning any degree; lived in an apartment with his first girlfriend for four years; bought a small, 900 square foot house on a rocky beach, next to an oil pier, and 100 feet from highway 101 in Ventura County where he remained for the following 19 years until the time of his arrest in July of 2000; had a number of steady girlfriends and lived with several for many years as friends; in late 80's he established a relationship with the woman who became the mother of his two children, a boy born in 1991 and a girl born in 1994.

He has always supported his children, loves them dearly and has visited them consistently throughout their lives, although he and their mom did not remain in a close relationship. They have a step-father who lives with them now who is friendly toward Drew and sincerely cares about his children.

Drew traveled extensively throughout the world, mainly on fishing and surfing expeditions, speaks fairly decent Spanish, and is able to get along with most people of the world with whom he has established friendly relationships; prior to his arrest there were never any complaints about him by anyone for anything; he had a perfectly clean record and avoided conflicts & aggressive confrontations whenever possible; he has never fought with anyone or broken any laws or gotten in trouble of any kind;

He has saved at least 5 people from drowning in the ocean and has rescued and cared for many abandoned and neglected animals;

He lived on the income from a small trust left to him by his maternal grandmother; it amounted to about $55,000/year and additionally he paid about $20,000/year for child support; his father, who was an MD and psychiatrist with a psychoanalytic practice died when he was 9 years old; this was very traumatic for him as his parents had been separated since he was 5 years old.

Drew and his sister visited with their father regularly every Wednesday evening and every other weekend thoughout the time of his parents' separation and his father's death.
Following his father's death he continued to live with his mom, their housekeeper, and his sister until he left for Santa Barbara to attend City College. Drew engaged in several entrepreneurial activities, such as selling tourist objects to small shops; making video surf movies, investing through a brokerage and on the computer; he continued to enjoy athletics, mainly around the ocean. He is a conservationist and a student of healthful living and alternative medicine. It is interesting he lost his father when he was nine and his son lost him to jail when he was nine, which was extremely traumatic and tragic for both of them.

Webmasters Note:
This is an excerpt from an animal welfare web site. It represents the way a LOT of animal rescue/shelters feel about Liz Luster. Since she took the time to contribute this ABOUT page content, we would like to contribute a bit of ABOUT for Liz from what we saw written on that site.

"Thanks Elizabeth, you are there when we REALLY need you. God bless you. You have done more for saving animals and adding a quality to their lives, than anyone will ever know."

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