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You Can Help!
(You too could be a victim of "railroad justice" someday)

Regardless of whether this site has challenged your opinions of the innocence or guilt, of Andrew Luster, one thing is for certain, Andrew Luster has been sentenced to 124 YEARS! The arrest was made, based on false statements. Perjury was evident on the part of the witnesses (to their own admission they lied on crucial testimony). Pertinent evidence was withheld from the jury, and Mr. Luster's attorney was blocked many times from bringing forth evidence that was directly related to the case.

An Observation On A Breakdown Of Our Very Precious Judicial System

Andrew Luster is a real human being and deserves the utmost chance at fairness, compassion, and possibly the element of forgiveness. Our court system allows for "Innocence Until Proven Guilty" yet this seems a case of "Guilty Until proven Innocent" with proof withheld and suppressed. This is NOT a "Made For TV Movie", this is a man's life. There is still much ongoing negative media publicity, and the public eats that up.

Have we as a species become so hard hearted, that we cannot discern a level of guilt and apply a fair measure of punishment? Do we now not even weigh evidence? Just stir the media stew and dish out heaping helpings of rancid bits and pieces of psuedo-truth, to feed a public hungry for gossip and sensationalism?

What about the next person, baked in the oven of gossip, personal agendas and maybe even greed? Just throw open the furnace doors to the greedy masses and divvy up a person's life and any wealth to the loudest and most trecherous, while a drooling public and a deaf courtroom lose sight of what is real. After the most unfair treatment of one person, it should only get easier to move on to the next.

Who will be next? You? Me? Maybe a few of the bottom dwellers who continue in an exploitive feeding frenzy? What a sad commentary on the human race. When the convictors are far more contemptuous than the convicted. This case requires, no, Demands, a second look. Help ask for an appeal to re-evaluate this case in a new light of honesty, openess and fairness.
124 years?? Frightening!

Here's How You Can Help

The underlined link below takes you to the California State Legislative Representatives Search Site. Type in your address (if you live in California), or use the map locator tool. Use the "i" button to show your State Senator, or Assembly Member. Ask them for a second look at Andrew Luster's case, by way of appeal. Prevent a dangerous precedent. The State of California is now in a position to define, judicially, Fair Treatment, or Business As Usual.

Tell Them You Want Fair!

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Where is justice? Where is fair?